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Welcome to the website of Samuel A. Gunderson. Here you can find information about myself. I have over twelve years of technical experience in the computer and telecommunications industries and am always looking for opportunities to further my knowledge and experience. My resume can be found at Also, please visit  

On a part-time basis, I am available locally as a Network Consultant, performing such duties as new computer system setups and system upgrades, hardware/software troubleshooting, and technology solutions for small business and residential customers. I address computer system setup, OS and software installations, router/switch configurations, and LAN/WAN connectivity. If you are a local business or professional organization int the Chattanooga, TN. area, please feel free to contact me.

 I was born in Brisbane, Australia, in the early 1970's, but from there went on to live in many different countries. The upper left header image is a graphical Sanskrit representation of the syllable "OM", the sound of creation, and the word often uttered by many today when meditating. My world travel and experiences have taught me many lessons and embedded a certain philosophy in my approach to life, challenges and, importantly, family.   

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