Samuel A. Gunderson

Samuel A. Gunderson Background

Picture of myselfYou wouldn't know it from talking to me (I have no accent), but I was born in Brisbane, Australia.  I have lived in or traveled through various countries  including the Fiji Islands, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, India, and Bangladesh. 

Before settling in Chattanooga, TN., I also lived for various periods of time in Hawaii, California, Texas, Oklahoma. One of my outdoor leisure activities is mountain biking, though I don't ride as often as I'd like. Indoors, it's playing the guitar. I'm a pretty good chess player as well. 

My wife Nichole and I are vegetarians -- well, I was raised that way, but my wife has adopted the diet -- we do not eat red or white meat, seafood, or eggs. Nichole has become an amazing vegetarian cook, good enough to prepare recipes that would put many restaurants to shame. For example, here is a fast one:

If you would like to try some of my wife's wonderful recipes, please visit her Veggie Mom site (under construction) at


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